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31 октября 2013 18:30 Royal Albert Hall, London Chris Rea - Bluesfest 2013 Великобритания

I'm Still Holding On

Am       C      F

How many times

     E              Am   C  F  E

Have I been here before?

       Am          C               F

Like a worn away piece of the night

E               Am    C  F  E

Waiting for the dawn



Daylight breaks


And the dream is gone

F             E

Leaving me to stay

              Am         C  F  E

But I'm still holding on

               Am        C  F  E

Yeah I'll keep holding on

I used to think I knew

Just exactly what it took

You move in fast and hard

And you make your own luck


I see it better now

Smell the tears upon this track

Its a long wasy before its over

And what you give out

Is what you take back

(chords same as chorus)

The easy way out

It will bite you hard someday

You see me smile and learn

I find a better way

I'm still holding on

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