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"Это не работа. Я так живу: просыпаюсь утром, иду на репетицию, еду на концерт."

Крис Ри
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31 октября 2013 18:30 Royal Albert Hall, London Chris Rea - Bluesfest 2013 Великобритания


Sitting at the crossways

Trying to keep my cool with the traffic lights

I've been up and down this line so any times

Girl, it's never right

Me and this machine keep the crazy urban dream

Locked in overflow

Sometimes I swear I could spin these old wheels

Just let it go


Is it something that you hear

Coming through the waves on the radio

Or something that you see gently taps your memory

And shoots you down

Those hometown thoughts, school yard dreams and yesterdays

Moving in I just put my head down and drift away

And we're moving up and down, in and out of town

We're all searching for that piece of higher ground



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