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31 октября 2013 18:30 Royal Albert Hall, London Chris Rea - Bluesfest 2013 Великобритания

Shine, Shine, Shine

And now the day is over

And the shadows start to grow

The sun has done us well today

In flaming crimson he explodes

And bursts of million colours

That spill across the sky

I turn and look at you love

And I know the reason why

Such a long time

Like good wine

Getting better every day

Now you know, I'll never go

So you'll always stay

And our love will keep on shining

Through the wind and the rain

And when the day is over

Our love will shine again

And as the years fly over

I'm feeling younger every day

The love that you have given me

Is more than I can say

Shine, shine, shine

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